Men In Action

Are you Men in Action or “Missing in Action?” This is the heart and call of Pastor Thomas Riley to all men. It is time for men to step up and fulfill their roles according to the Word of God. Men in Action meetings include prayer, worship and a cutting-edge Word taught by Pastor Riley to inspire, encourage, and influence men to be all that God has called them to be. Pastor Riley has a unique gift to teach the Word and speak into the lives of men with persuasive revelation as it relates to God’s mandate and to the kingdom of God. He teaches men how to persevere and succeed—how to reign as kings and priest in life and in the home. The Men In Action fellowships are brief and power-packed, and are sometimes followed by a great fellowship and food. Whether single or married, Men In Action are known to be Overcomers who “make things happen!”



Women’s Fellowship

The foundation for Women’s Fellowship was established on prayer. Pastor Annette believes that prayer and worship are two very powerful tools in the lives of women. With these tools, we can conquer and give birth to the vision for our lives and our families; therefore, women’s fellowships begin with a special session or call to pray. Worship is followed by a dynamic, and relevant Word taught by Pastor Annette. These Women’s Fellowships also embrace the daughters of both married and single women and encourage attendance for more bonding between mothers and daughters as they participate in the meetings and learn from our examples, how to become Godly young women. Other exciting areas of Ministry is our annual Women’s Conference and “Ladies Night Out” or LNO. In 2003, Pastor Annette began the “LNO” which is a special event held periodically in our Women’s Ministry to invest in and focus on the enhancement of a selected group of ladies—of various ages, and minister to their total being through workshops and sessions for haircare, makeup, physical fitness, and wardrobe styling; meetings for personal and financial counseling are also incorporated. The presentation of the group is celebrated in a fun and formal affair on the last evening of our annual Women’s Conference; Relationships are built in our Women’s Fellowships through activities such as bowling, physical fitness teams, and small group fellowships. The Women’s Ministry also reaches out to organizations in our community to assist teen pregnancy and single moms.



Singles Fellowship

As a single you are complete and whole–having nothing missing. This is the message of the Singles Ministry. The purpose and goal of the Singles Ministry is to teach single people how to enjoy their lives as a single person. They are taught through the Word of God how to build self-esteem, self-worth and how to love themselves first so that they can love others with a healthy and Godly love. They are taught how to prepare for healthy marriage relationships for those who desire to be married. This ministry is also for divorced and widowed people with a goal to help them move forward into their future. The Singles Ministry utilizes various objectives and tools to minister to singles—some of which are skits, workshops, group parties, games, question & answer sessions, and conferences.



Couples Fellowship

Building better marriages, Bridging the gaps, & Restoring relationships that may be on the brink of disaster: these are some of the goals of the Couples Ministry. In these meetings Pastors Thomas & Annette Riley teach couples the true meaning of love and covenant according to God’s Word . Some sessions are opened to those who are engaged to be married as well as singles that have a desire to be married, so that they can receive knowledge and insight from God’s perspective. The Couples Ministry also enjoy activities such as special dinner fellowships and parties, marriage conferences, and couple’s retreats. This ministry also encourages personal small group fellowships for growth and enhancement in the Word and their relationships.