Club Exit is every teens way out from the negative influences of today’s culture. It is designed for teens and college students, giving them the ultimate alternative to destructive behavior and experiences which is the Word of God.

Club Exit gives Teens and Young Adults the opportunity to “Exit” every negative opposition and obstacle in their lives. Their group sessions include a time for them to sing and dance to the music of todays’ popular gospel artist, with a live DJ and a spectacular light show, as well as experience the presence of God through intimate worship and the Word of God taught in Truth in a down-to-earth and practical way. The Club Exit Teens Ministry also has Live concerts with featured guests like Canton Jones, Richie Righteous, Petidee, Da Truth, and many more.

Club Exit creates an atmosphere of fellowship for teens with pool tables, ping pong, air hockey, and video arcade games. We sponsor a Talent Showcase Showdown where teens display their God-given talents and win cash prizes.
Club Exit is designed so that Teens can have a “good time” in a Christian or Godly atmosphere.